Fine Filter

USHA Filters has achieved the status of a major Indian Air Filters and clean room equipments manufacturer and regular clients include most of the leading pharmaceutical and electronic product manufacturers, as well as nuclear power, atomic energy and space research establishments. Leading consultants, user industries and HVAC turn-key engineering companies have approved our products and test facilities. USHA Fine filters are used for High level prefilteration in Air conditioning of Paint booths, Air handling units etc.

Fine filters are available in the range of 1to 5 micron (M5, M6, F7, F8, F9 Class)
• Low initial pressure drop.
• Light in weight and easy to handle.
• High cost / performance ratio.
• High dust holding capacity.
• Cleanable/Washable.

• General filtration for Air-conditioning and Air Handling units.
• General air filtration and pre-filtration.
• Spray booths and pre-filtration.

Technical Specification

Type Flange or Box
Frame Galvanized steel / CRCA powder coated / Aluminum anodized / SS 304
Separators Aluminum / Rod type
Sealant Adhesive / PU
Filter Media Fiber Glass/ Non woven synthetic polyester / HDPE washable
Gasket Neoprene rubber gasket / Food Grade
Filter Class As per EN779:2012 / ISO 16890 (Latest)
Air Flow 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1700, 2000 CFM (As per customer requirement also.)
Filter Efficiency MPPS 65%-95% down to 0.4 microns
IPD   Less than 12mm wg
FPD 45mm wg


USHA, FINE MINI PLEAT Filters are designed for the air intake and extract systems of critical applications where high efficiency filtration is necessary. USHA FINE MINI PLEAT filters are capable of retaining particulate matter down to 0.4 microns. USHA FINE MINI PLEAT are available with efficiencies from 90% to 95% (F7-F9).

Technical Specification

Type Casset flange or box type
Casing Construction Galvanized steel / CRCA powder coated / Aluminum anodized /  SS 304
Separators Hot Melt
Filter Media Micro fibre glass paper ( Imported )
Sealant Polyurethane Food Grade/Epoxy
Gasket Neoprene rubber gasket/Food grade
Filter Class

Air Flow
As per EN779:2012 / ISO16890 (Latest)

500, 1000, 2000 CFM ( As per customer requirement also. )
Filter Efficiency MPPS 65%-95% down to 0.4 Microns
IPD Less than 25mm wg
FPD 35mm to 65mm wg (As per size of filter)